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    But before he gets rich, he has to take Tiet Man away. This damn girl doesn't let him worry for even a second.

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    Minister Liu waved his hand: "No, no, that's almost the same amount of steelmaking money, plus the human and material resources needed for the modification, it's really a big loss. We can't bear it." For being able to arrange these things for the country, it is a great credit to the veterans who have been disarmed and returned to the furnace. I hope they can be effective in cheap processing!"

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    Schroeder looked happy: "Fortunately, Cuaron got six hidden Leopard tanks before, we still have twelve Leopard tanks!"

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    In a happy mood, she calmly tied a string to the faucet of the kettle. Who knew there would be a fight, and in a fight, if she didn't have a weapon in her hand against a thick-skinned guy with shaggy hair, she would definitely give up! Using a gun is definitely not enough, so a jar filled with water is a good choice, if you tie it with a string, it will be a meteor hammer, if you swing it over, at least you will be slightly concussed. Truly a weapon in team battles.

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    The 15th Armored Brigade did not encounter any resistance and quickly advanced along Central Avenue. Soon, the church in the city center came into view. The brigade commander radioed headquarters: "We are approaching the town square without any resistance... Repeat, without any resistance!"

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    The handshake here is very cordial, but the guards on the other side look at each other with eyes as big as green beans, each person's eyes are sharp, their chins are raised high, staring at each other fiercely, getting closer and closer. .The closer they got, the two most hot-tempered people almost kissed each other...

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    Boss Chu felt a little guilty: "Leave your equipment behind, withdraw your people? You say it lightly, go tell the brigade commander, see if they will kill you! Leave behind your equipment, what are they for?"

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    Allied forces on the Western Front are also resting. The British and American allies had a habit of keeping an eye on the Eastern Front. Only when the main force of the German army was firmly planted on the Eastern Front did they conduct large-scale military operations on the Front. Western Battle. And at nightfall, they launched an amphibious operation in Sicily, fanning the flames of war to Italy, then launched Operation Overlord when the German army was driven back by the Soviet army by Stalin's fierce raids, they poured invaded Normandy, swept through France, and the flames of war spread to mainland Germany. Now that the Soviet army has entered a period of rest of one to two months, the German army can move troops from the eastern front to the western front at any time, provoking the German army at this time is impossible. wisely, it was better to wait for the Soviet army to continue the attack before taking action. After all, the German was not far from death, so there was no need to rush. Based on this consideration, Allied forces stopped their advance after capturing the Netherlands. Even the Allied forces on the Italian battlefield were no longer pursuing the Gothic defense line. In fact, the US Fifth Army had broken through this defense line, it was time to rush over the An- po. stop and rest That's good right away.

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    Xue Jianqiang casually picked one up to look at it, well, the appearance is exactly the same as the MP-43, just a little lighter than the MP-43, and looks a little more compact, not bad. He disassembled the sample gun and studied it one by one, well, more than 80% of the parts were 56 punches, the biggest difference between the whole gun and the 56 punches was probably the gun stock. straight, while the butt of the MP-43 rifle is concave inward, has a clear curve, and just hugs the shoulder blade. Of course, the arc of the magazine is not so clear, if these two were replaced, who would dare say this is an MP-43? He wanted to use a magazine to aim at a target in the distance. In a few seconds, he would shoot thirty bullets. When he was done, he said with a strange expression: "56 punches..."

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    The French commander almost vomited blood. hold tight? We're almost out of gas, why hold on!

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    Moreover, Boss Peng has a straightforward and hot temper, and is simply not political material. As long as it is related to political battles, he is usually not good at fighting. On the contrary, if he were to be freed from the shackles of politics, his opponents would be in big trouble, Ma Jiajun, Hu Zongnan, MacArthur and other unlucky people who were hanged deeply understood. about this. Therefore, to deal with Mao Tzu, it is better to let Mr. Lam take action, because he knows the Soviet Union well. Mr. Lin laughed and said: "Okay, I will negotiate with them. You can keep an eye on the rear. If the Soviet army turns its back, launch the attack immediately. Don't hesitate, let's We'll take care of it. Get ahead of their fists." Flatten their attack, this is your only chance to defeat the Soviet army! If you let them throw the first punch smoothly, more fierce attacks will come like a storm, leaving you completely unable to block, in Belarus, Germany That's how you get beaten."

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    ———Those electric fighters in exchange for an equivalent amount of gold played a huge role in a series of battles, almost becoming the embodiment of victory, so the first reaction of many generals When the situation is critical, Germany does not ask for reinforcements, but "where are our electric fighters?" These electric fighters do not carry a single bomb, but they can exert greater effect than 300 heavy bombers. As long as they were there, the German army would have a key point. Kesselring was the first German general to use fighters on the battlefield and win great victories. He had a lot of experience in using fighters. It was a pity that this time he did not receive the help of fighters. electricity.

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    Just look at Minister Liu and you'll know!

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    Vien Hue's eyes were a little wet, she smiled happily and said: "Auntie Vien is also very happy... Damn girl, get down for me!" angry, and immediately said Start scolding.

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    The bald president once again saw the urine of the great powers. A few months ago, he was the Big Four, commanding the Allied Forces in the eastern theater, and now the United States was sending him away for just a little jet fuel. People say bitches have no shame, politicians are even more shameless than bitches! He cannot let Roosevelt withdraw Chennault like he did with Stilwell. If he does this, he will offend the United States! Therefore, he could only cross his legs and draw a circle, and at the same time, he was constantly cruel in his heart: in the future, he must find a way to take over the oil field!

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    Stalin was stunned for a moment, a million horses' hooves roared in his heart.

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    Boss Zhou was stunned for a moment, then suddenly understood: "He intentionally created a situation where a country had two leaders, hanged us, and let Western countries use them as targets! "

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    Thanks to the Japanese invaders' hard work for many years, they built a large number of railways and roads in ghost places like Shanxi and Suiyuan, and the quality is not bad. These railways and highways were paved with the blood and bones of Chinese workers, especially the railways, almost every sleeper had a corpse lying, now the railways and roads The highway condensed by the blood, tears and sweat of the Chinese people finally faces China. The suffering of the people was compensated, infantry and cavalry were mobilized along the roads, and heavy troops used railways to transport their heavy equipment, which was very convenient. It was just convenient for them, the Japanese wanted to cry but had no tears.

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    Xue Jianqiang led the team to attack the command tower, but was also blocked by a machine gun. Some Japanese soldiers pushed debris into a simple bunker. When the tiger sharks approached, the machine gunner suddenly opened fire, instantly killing two teammates, one dead and the other wounded. heavy. Xue Jianqiang and the remaining four members of the team opened fire fiercely with three submachine guns, a shotgun, and a machine gun. The bullets hit the bunker and exploded in clusters. Both sides opened fire fiercely in a narrow space, no one had time to do anything to the other. other. Xue Jianqiang threw a grenade and set off the machine gun, but when he jumped out to rush forward, the machine gun opened fire again and was shot three times in the chest, causing him to almost lose his breath and have to quickly retreat. This was the case in roughly every direction, the Japanese military fought desperately with machine guns and submachine guns in every channel inside the maze-like submarine, while Tiger Sharks bravely charged towards with sophisticated bulletproof equipment and intense personal firepower. has become a battlefield.

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    ... Yingjiang's 76mm anti-tank gun is trash, not to mention dry tiger, even Leopard can't penetrate it, far inferior to British and Soviet anti-tank guns, if you can't penetrate the tank This freak, save the 76mm anti-tank gun!

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    Yantai is a bit overwhelming!

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    Marshal Kesselring arrived in Berlin smoothly, the head of state personally went to the airport to welcome him. Then, the head of state opened his eyes wide in surprise, because he saw two silver-white, propellerless fighter planes descending with a loud roar, leaving two almost straight smoke trails in the sky. He was stunned and said to the general next to him: "This... This seems to be our jet fighter! But its shape is completely different from our plane!"

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    Yoshiyuki Abe's face did not change: "We are fighting, not traveling. If you want to go to Shanghai, you can wait until the mission ends."

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "There is definitely a problem! But I bought it, I admit it, but should you compensate me with something?"

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    Hong Du says... Damn it, we still have a damn coach! How much is a base seven? Selling ten planes is not as good as selling one J-7! There is a scary big project to sell second-generation computers here, which is undeniably an idiot! So, Hong Du secretly turned over the senior coach's design, and a large group of designers fought over the design with each other.

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    Ly Dong Hai frowned and said: "Fleeing from Shandong to Fujian? Not enough oil! Definitely not enough oil!"